I have a pretty specific recording and mixing aesthetic. I mostly record at home, I like texturally adventurous mixing, and I'm not prone to making things particularly flashy. I'm picky about projects I sign on to mix, because I like to take my time and experiment a bunch. But, if it's the right project, I'd be excited to help.

Hannah Epperson - Upsweep

I recorded and mixed the back half of this album, called 'Iris', in my apartment. Raphael Peterson did some additional mixing.

.Michael. - Blustery Dreams Of Me Rendered Smiley Seeing You, Always

I recorded and mixed this album in my apartment.

Half Waif - Form/a

I mixed this album and recorded some additional elements at home. Raphael Peterson did some additional mixing.

Half Waif - Probable Depths

I recorded almost everything on this album, other than the vocals which Nandi did at home. Raphael Peterson mixed it (with great poise).

Really Big Pinecone - Really Really Big Pinecone

I recorded some overdubs and mixed this album one sweaty cold night right before christmas

Vieux Farka Toure and Julia Easterlin - Touristes

I engineered all of Julia's vocals, the brass, the organ, and the percussion

pocket collage - Picture Pathetique

I recorded everything on this track in my room long ago. Gabriel mixed it.

twig twig

These are my solo albums and I record/mix everything.